The World of Buddy


It was audacious on my part even to attempt writing a memoir of Buddy on his behalf. It is far beyond my ability to capture his expressions, feelings and emotions in words. But what other options did I have to share his stories with all the people who knew him, loved him and cared for him? I felt it as my obligation to his hundreds of fans and thousands of others who didn’t get an opportunity to meet him.

I seek forgiveness from you (the reader) and Buddy for my linguistic inadequacy and my inability to articulate his emotions in the best possible way. My sincere hope is that the reader will be able to feel Buddy’s love on every page she reads.

Buddy came to us when he was a pup barely three months old and stayed with us close to eight years before leaving for his abode in heaven. He showed us and everyone who came in touch with him what unconditional love means. He left behind millions of sweet unforgettable moments.

The book is written in a way that resembles Buddy narrating his stories, the way a human child does to his parents and family members. The stories are organized in chapters to cover different aspects of Buddy’s life. May the reader find Buddy through his stories. May Buddy live forever in the mind of his readers.

Susanta Misra (Buddy’s Dad)

Hyderabad, 1st January 2021

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Ready To Fly

This book is written as a Birthday gift by a parent for his son on his eighteenth Birthday,

It’s an attempt to share a perspective about the practicalities of life and living — especially about things one needs to know but are not taught in schools.

Comments on Ready To Fly

“This is one of the most practical books I have read in the recent times. I wish something like this was available when I was 18, but it is equally meaningful today. It’s not a “How to” book but as you unfold the depths you know that each section is filled with volumes of wisdom. I would love to buy quite a few copies to gift it to my young niece/nephews and definitely for my friends”

— Vishalini Paliwal, IT Professional, Artist and Mother of two young children